Monday, April 27, 2015

Infinite Banking Strategy!!!

Hello Everyone,

Kraig Strom spoke at our meeting on March 31st and the feedback we received was great.  He showed us some real world examples of how cash value life insurance can turbo charge the returns on most any investment, especially real estate!

Several people had questions about the how the cost of renovations affected overall returns.  Kraig prepared a short recap video that covers the highlights of his talk and more detail on the renovation question. 

Watch the video- Click Here è Infinite Banking Recap Video ç

Kraig sent two supporting documents as well.
1.      The Attached real Estate Analysis Template can be used to take advantage of Kraig’s offer to analyze real estate deals for our members.  If you would like to know how much better your next deal could be, fill out the property details and email it back to him at
2.      REI Virginia Banking 101 is a recap of how banks make money.  Think the bank keeps the spread between account rates and loan rates?  Think again.  Find out how banks can make 900% returns on every deal.


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