Monday, March 16, 2015

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investment Trusts As Part Of Your Diversified Investment Strategy

This week we will be discussing Real Estate Investment Trusts with J. Andy Ingram of Capital Investment Companies. Becoming more and more popular to mainstream investors, these structured offerings have been around for quite some time. Come find out how REITs have changed over the past few years and how they can be a great diversifier of your assets. It’s wise to diversify your investments within an industry that you already know and understand.

REITs can offer ownership without being burdened with all the leg work, number crunching and overall property management allowing you time to work with your hands on investments. Now, you must be an accredited investor and we will be discussing this fact.

In addition, Andy has invited a company that specializes in Multi-unit dwellings / Apartment Buildings to discuss their offering and why economics have played a strong role in the popularity and growth of this market sector.

Come on out and learn something new.  This meeting is sure to shed some light on a little discussed way to own real estate.


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