Monday, March 30, 2015

Using Privatized Banking To Leverage HUGE ROI, Safe Reserves and Maximize Positive Cash Flow

This week our guest speaker flew in from California to see us. His name is Kraig Strom CFP® ChFC™ and works with Team Financial Partners. Kraig has some interesting concepts to talk with us about that pertain to using equity in your properties to build wealth.

The Rich Have Used Family Banks To Build Wealth and Freedom For Generations.  Discover powerful cash management strategies through the creative use of properly structured High Cash Value Life Insurance contracts!

Most people think of life insurance as a death benefit but large banks, corporations and wealthy individuals know that it’s a powerful cash management tool that SUPERCHARGES any investment, especially Real Estate!

Case Studies:
      ·       6 Month Flip – 36% Increase in ROR
      ·       5 Year Buy & Hold – 50% Increase in ROR
      ·       Long term buy & Hold – 80% Increase in ROR
      ·       1st Trust Deed Investment – Infinite Return!

Bank of America & Wells Fargo have 39 BILLION dollars inside this type of life insurance?  Come and find out why!


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