Monday, March 23, 2015

Look Like A Meth Lab To You Or The Signs Of A Filthy Lazy Tenant?

This week we will have special guest speaker Agent Crowder who will be with us to teach the group what we need to do when discovering drugs in a tenant’s house.

I guess the first thing that would be needed is how to identify the drugs. I’m sure most people could identify a marijuana plant like I found below by the back porch of one of my apartment buildings last year.

But I can admit that the meth lab picture at the top looks to me like tenants that like to urinate in jars because they are too lazy to walk to the bathroom. The only thing I initially see that would tip me off would be the scale. However, there are some various common chemicals mixed in to the garbage.

Drugs in your property, example being the meth lab, could lead to some very serious problems for you. It is incredibly expensive to do a proper cleaning of a meth lab to ensure that future residents won’t be harmed by the chemical residue that the manufacture of it leaves. And as I recall the states now no longer fund the cleanup. I believe that the funding for this was going to be the responsibility of the federal government. But it didn’t get transferred to them right away. So it may be your responsibility. We will find out that and many more important things to know in the meeting.

What do you do when you find drugs in your rental unit?
What do you do if you suspect a meth lab in your rental?
What do you do if you are unsure but have been told by neighbors that your tenants are dealing drugs?
What do you do if your tenants are telling you that there is a drug house across the street?

Find out all of this and much more at our upcoming meeting. Education is the key to your success.


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