Tuesday, February 24, 2015


REI of Virginia Members. Very important message. Tuesday night, February 24th 2015 will be the last night at Shakers. Our new meeting location will be Franks Italian Restaurant on Williamson Rd. The address is 5933 Williamson Rd, Roanoke VA 24012.

Thank all of you who looked around for places to meet. We had several downtown but there was the issue of parking. Several others had lots of restrictions or were too expensive. Some were far out of the way for many members. We talked with the owner of Franks and she invited us to come to her restaurant. Everything seemed to work well with Franks so that is where we are meeting now.

Our parking is in the back of the restaurant. They will be building a new parking lot to the right for us as well. Please do not park in front of the restaurant as that will be the area for her regular customers. Plenty of parking in the back.

If you look at the picture above you will see a door in the middle. That is for the regular customers. We have our own separate room over to the right. You will see another door to the right of that and that will be our meeting room.

So the next meeting on March 3rd 2015 will be at Franks. Please remember to go there instead of Shakers. I will send another reminder with the next email for our agenda.

Franks is right across the street from B&D Locks
* From Hershberger to Williamson take a left and it’s down past Happys Flea Market on the right.
* From Botetourt down Williamson it’s past the golf driving range on the left.
* From Downtown down Williamson past Hershberger and Happys and it’s on the right. 


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