Sunday, January 25, 2015

2 Agendas In One…

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing 2 agendas in one this week. Going to Vegas this Wednesday and will still be there during the next meeting. This bulk email software allows me to send a message at a future date but I’m not sure how well it works so going to just go ahead and send them both.


This Week:
It’s going to be a treat. We have our attorney, Ross Hart, who is going to talk about legislation for and against the landlord currently in the Virginia General Assembly. He beat me to the punch this year and I have no clue about what’s going on except the Water Authority bill which is for us. Going to be a fantastic meeting. Got to know what they have planned for us in order to attempt to stop what’s bad.

Next Week:

We have our very own mortgage broker, Jamie Bailey, who will be covering the various types of mortgages that are now available.

Both of these meetings will be very busy. Both Ross Hart and Jamie have the ability to pack the house standing room only. We’re hoping that Shakers does the right thing and puts us on the left side where there is enough room.


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