Monday, December 8, 2014

End Of Year To Do List And Business New Year Resolutions To Consider

At our weekly meeting this week we’re going to have a business round table discussion. This meeting will include topics such as an end of year to do list as well as business related new year resolutions.

Anything you need to do before the year end for tax purposes? How about insurance purposes? Is it a good time to implement some property management software at the start of the year into your business?

What do you have planned for your business next year? Are you going to grow slowly or quickly? Or not at all? Do you have a certain number in additional revenue that you are planning on obtaining to add some more comfort to your life? Are you going to give a shot at commercial real estate, speculation land, storage units, or something different? Or are you going to take the big leap into the real estate game and buy your first house?

Do you even have any new year resolutions or goals for the following year? At this meeting we intend on throwing some ideas out there and seeing where it goes. I guarantee you will end up leaving with some great ideas to implement within your business. We did something similar to this last year and it was a fantastic meeting.

We’ll see you there!


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