Friday, December 26, 2014

BTU's per square feet in Roanoke VA.

The Virginia Maintenance Code requires you to allow your tenants a minimum of 65 degrees of heat. That is 65 for an average seasonal temperature. If it becomes unseasonably cold than they need to bundle up. There is a provision for that that does not require you to provide more than 65 degrees on an unseasonably cold winter.

Take a look at this chart. Here in Virginia we don't fit either the warm climate or the cold climate. We are right in the middle.

When determining how much heat is enough heat for a house you need to be in a minimum of 35 BTU's per square foot for a new house and about 45 BTU's per square foot for an older house.

So does this mean nothing to you? If so, to get you up to speed, all heaters, including furnaces, baseboard heat and everything else tells how many BTU's it heats. It's a measure of heat that allows you to determine how big or how many of the units you need to heat your house.

Example, If you have a 1,000 square foot older house you need 1,000 X 45 BTU's per square foot. So that house will need about 45,000 BTU's to adequately heat the house. A standard 5 foot baseboard heater typically heats 5,000 BTU's. So divide the 45,000 by the 5,000 and you have 9 / 5 foot baseboard heaters needed for the house. Get it?

A furnace will also say somewhere on it how many BTU's it heats. If you can't find it contact the manufacturer with the serial or model number. In the case of a 1K square foot house you will need a furnace that heats at least 45,000 BTU's. Same thing if you were using a wood stove, or a pellet stove or a portable heater.


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