Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tips On Using Untested Vendors.

For your information. We DO NOT typically do background checks on any of the speakers that we have that attend our meetings. Some of them are there to sell you services. It is advised that you do your own background check on these individuals before using them. Or get some good referrals.

REI IS NOT RECOMMENDING ANY of the people that we have come speak at the group. We allow them to come and educate us on their line of work.

Members have had problems with group speakers in the past. For example that guy that came a year or so ago to talk about collecting money on judgements. Shortly after he took money from some of our members and they never heard from him again.

There are ways to do business with people and keep them on the up and up. Be smart. You’re best off to never prepay for ANY service. And if money is required for materials, or court costs for that service, you can directly pay for those materials or court costs. In the example of court costs, you can write the check directly to be cashed by the courthouse rather than those who are providing the service. Or with materials needed for a job, you can have Lowes or Home Depot call you and you give your credit card over the phone if you don’t have the ability to go down there to pay.

There’s no problem with lightening up some once you have deemed the company you are working with to be honest and reliable.


DONT prepay for ANY service.

DONT hand over ANY money for materials or costs of doing business until you can trust the person. There are other options for continuing business other than putting that money in their hands.

Street Smarts… Unfortunately that is the world we live in today. American Culture is changing for the bad. There are MANY people out there trying to get one over on you. You have to protect yourself by using some basic ground rules of doing business. You’re the one who dictates how it will be handled and if they have a problem with that they can go find another sucker.


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