Monday, October 13, 2014

Mental Arm Wrestling At REI This Week

Ladies and Gentlemen…. ding ding…. I would like to introduce our President, Andy Stowasser, and our CEO, Roger Malouf for an educational meeting with you this week teaching the most valuable skill of Mental Arm Wrestling, AKA, Negotiations.

The big difference between physical arm wrestling and mental arm wrestling is that the little guy or gal can actually win!!!

Negotiation is a part of your every day life. More so in other countries where haggling for a price on everything is a standard of life. Some people don’t like it. They don’t enjoy the game of haggling. I’m guessing that the reason may be that they don’t feel like they typically end up winning this game of the minds as a result of not being trained in this most essential skill.

It’s important to fully understand and comprehend the basic principals of negotiations in order to be able to look at the big picture of any situation and be able to determine what angle you will take to fulfill your primary objective. Which in the case of getting deals in real estate would be to obtain the property for the rock bottom lowest possible price. Or the other way around, to sell your property for the highest possible price.

In doing so one of the most important parts of the equation is for both parties to be happy with the final agreement.

Come on out to our meeting this Tuesday to get a walk through on the principals of negotiations so you can clearly see the roadmap on how you get from point A to point B with the result you desire.

Don’t Miss It! - Be There Or Be Square… and prepare for a good sized turnout.


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