Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home Depot Wants REI’s Business

In common conversation I have learned that the vast majority of our membership goes to Lowes for their building materials. Home Depot has been pulling some of us away due to their offering of 20% off on paint for our membership.

Lowes in turn offered to match the 20% discount on paint to REI members.

Now Home Depot is coming to our meeting this Tuesday to step it up another notch and let us know what else they can offer our membership since we like discounts. 

Come on out to the meeting this week and learn what needs to be done to get your discounts at Home Depot. Every dollar you save is a dollar earned. REI feels it is important to use the buying power of our 550 members to get the products we need at the best price.

If you are not already signed up for the many other companies that we get discounts through go here. We already paid for your membership. If you subscribe to this email you are eligible to get your discounts.

Click Here: Community Buying Group


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