Monday, July 14, 2014

Is Your House Losing Energy And Money?

This week at REI of Virginia it’s all about consumption of energy. As you know money saved is money earned. It all comes down to what it will cost you to make your house more efficient. And what the ROI of the products required will cost you to save X number of dollars. Basically how many years it will take to recoup your investment. From that point on it’s all gravy.

Our guest speaker will be friend and REI member Jerry Eastridge. Jerry does energy audits as one of his many talents. And he is an expert in the field.

I’ve been really interested in this topic over the past few years. I’ve been working on getting my new house I’m rehabbing in Salem highly energy efficient. And I’m most of the way there. I’ve got open cell foam sprayed throughout. Basement, attic roof and all exterior walls are sprayed. 

Along with that we’ve caulked the crack everywhere between the floor and the wall and spray foam and caulk around every window and door. I didn’t seal around the electrical outlets because I’ve been told I don’t need to because of the foam.

I’ve added a device connected to my breaker box that smooths out the electrical waves traveling through wires which reduces heat in wires and motors of appliances. Heat is lost energy. A guy who came to our group a while back was selling his for about $1,200. He proved it worked. On average it saves 10% on your power bill. He decided to give me a deal at $1,200. When we were talking he put an X on the $2,500 and wrote $1,200. LOL. I had to turn him down because I found the exact same thing here for much less.

He also was selling a laundry product that you don’t have to use detergent due to ozone being mixed with water which produces hydrogen peroxide. Remember his stack of towels that were washed with detergent and his other stack washed with the ozone product hooked up?  I found that product for much less than the $2.5K he wanted for his here. I ended up having to let him know that I found it cheaper and he matched the price saying at least that will pay gas money for coming out here. LOL.

I couldn’t find an equal product that killed all bacteria in ductwork. His produced plasma as well as UV light. I bought his product but here are some that are similar minus the plasma.

My next steps are to get my friend Jerry out to my house for another energy audit to make sure that I buttoned everything up. Then I will move on to some more fun stuff like a solar hot water heater, solar thermal collectors which are very cool, a micro hydro system in my creek to produce 24hr power, a hydraulic ram pump like the one CB Knox brought to our meeting to get powerless water up to my chicken shack.

One day I’ll be off the grid completely. I’m going green guys. And having fun with it!

It’s all about you this Tuesday. Come on out to the meeting as we’ll be talking about ways to keep money in your pocket. 

See you there!


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