Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hometown Flooring, Beware


Warning to all REI Members. Be careful of doing any business with the guy Chris from Hometown Flooring that came to our group.

I suspected there were issues with this guy when he came to the meeting and had a hard time answering very simple questions pertaining to flooring installation. Then later after the meeting I was asked by a few of our members who invited him to speak. I asked why and was given detailed explanations of how this guy got one over on them over and botched flooring jobs so bad that the entire floor had to be ripped up and redone. That was after he blamed it on the structure of the house.

Let me tell you, I installed flooring for years and I can tell you that the structure of the house has nothing to do with it. If there are imperfections in the floor they are fixed before the new floor is put down.

I didn't bother saying anything about this guy to the group because someone obviously got some good work done by him since they recommended him. And people can make mistakes from time to time. But now I am hearing the exact same thing again. This is the second person in the past month that has told me that he has unresolved issues with their floor. This last report pertained to a tile job that had gone bad and the Chris guy claims it's due to something wrong under the tile that he didn't fix before laying it.

Below is a response from Chris that he gave to our member about her friend that also has unresolved issues. For no apparent reason this guy is saying the REI group is full of slumlords. 550 slumlords? Really?

"In regards to (Name Removed) I tried to go the extra mile and did not charge her for many things that needed to be fixed during her kitchen remodel. Im not going to beat a dead horse but there were MANY changes made during this process. I could list a page of things wrong with her electrical, and whoever built her house. There are two sides to every story. I try to make sure that every customer is happy and I have realized over the years that you cant satisfy everyone. (He is right about that but the number of complaints that I have received about this guy shows he very well could be the problem)
As long as I know I did my best, thats all I can do.
In refference to the REI Group, I spent a day measuring 6 houses for someone, gave them estimates the next day on every house, then they tell me Home Depot will install a whole house for $49. I consider this a slap in the face when someone tries to use a shaddy sales pitch from another company in hopes to beat down my prices. I refuse to do work for slum lords and I feel there are many in the REI Group." Wow, what nerve this guy has! As if he knows any of us other than who he did estimates for.


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