Monday, June 2, 2014

Roanoke City Treasurer Evelyn Powers At REI of Virginia This Week

This week our guest speaker will be the Roanoke City Treasurer, Evelyn Powers. Evelyn is concerned with some of the things that have been going on in the city and offered to come and speak with our group.

Her job as treasurer is to maintain the highest accountability of local and state revenue collections. Unfortunately their have been a number of shady things that the city has been doing lately with the management of their finances.

It is commonplace these days for the city to hide the fact that a property is destroyed or has to be converted to a single family house and novice investors unknowingly fall into their trap. Or to sell million dollar tax payer owned buildings and land to friends for $10 bucks. Corruption has reached a shocking level within Roanoke City government.

They have developed a hostile environment that attacks small business and drives them out of the city to invest in the surrounding areas which lowers property values due to a lack of supply of people wanting to invest their money in the city’s blighted areas. All citizens in Roanoke City suffer as a result of the policies of the city leaders.

Evelyn will be attending our meeting to give us her ear and work together with us to hopefully resolve some of these issues. 

She is there on our side. Not against.

Come on down, it will be a fun meeting!


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