Monday, May 5, 2014

Estate Planning & Real Estate Exit Strategies This Week At REI!!!

We have a very interesting meeting lined up for this week at REI of Virginia. The guest speaker will be attorney Joel Miller. He is a specialist in IRS Tax Matters and Estate Planning.

It seems that every single attorney I talk to has a different answer on what to do regarding estate planning. We now have an attorney with the right specialties to make a qualified decision. It’s very important for an attorney to not only have the knowledge of what can be done regarding Estate Planning but what the Tax Ramifications are as a result of doing so.

And in all good Estate Planning you should consider a good exit strategy. What do you do when it’s time to cash out? What’s the best way to pass property over to your children? What’s the best way to convert property to use to cover the expenses of potential care you need in the future? Is it wise to “spend down” all of your money so you are eligible for government care? What do you do if you own a few million dollars of property? There are many questions to ask and Joel will be there to cover the bases.

So come on down to the REI of Virginia meeting this week and spend some educational time with some good, like minded people.

See you there!


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