Monday, March 3, 2014

Lead Safe Roanoke Speaking At REI This Week

This Tuesday we have a fantastic meeting lined up with Marla Robertson and Ann Weaver of Lead Safe Roanoke. Marla and Ann run a great program and they now are lined up with more funding.

Lead Safe Roanoke is a program that protects children by testing your property for lead and fixing the problem if it has it. I have used it a number of times in the past. Typically what I’ve seen is that they end up installing new windows, doors and paint if needed. And they often dig out the dirt around the house and replace it with mulch as that dirt often is contaminated by lead.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one really… If your property qualifies by having low income children under the age of 5 or a pregnant mom you will get this work done for free. However you will be required to put the tenants up in a hotel for a few days while the work is being done. No big deal considering the value that you are getting as a result of the work done. 

You can also participate in this program on a property that you just purchased if you make a commitment to try to keep it rented to low income families with children that fit the criteria.

Come on out to our meeting. You don’t want to miss this!!!


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