Monday, January 6, 2014

Learn How To Use REI's Community Buying Group Benefits This Week And Save Lots Of Money

You missed a great meeting if you missed our special "Thursday" meeting with Keith Boley of . I thought he may be coming to sell some stuff. Actually that wasn't the case. He was there to unload his techniques of making money with other peoples money and short selling properties in association with another company he works with that does ALL of the work. Loads of great information at this meeting, even for those who would consider themselves experts. He has an interesting twist on making money in Real Estate that I haven't heard.

Keith is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure to have him.

This week we're going to have a "Go To Meeting" event where Community Buying Group will be connected up to us on a laptop that we'll project to the big screen and they are going to talk to us in detail about how to use our benefits. It's real important to take advantage of any discount you can get with your companies as money saved is money earned that you will keep in your pocket.

If you get this email you can get money off going to Lowes. And if you have a LAR account you can get an additional 5% off your 2% savings. And if you pay your card in full when you get the bill you can get an additional 2% off totaling 9% savings.

Sherwin Williams is also giving us a discount of up to 40%. Community Buying Group will show you how to get it. We also have discounts from companies such as Sears Commercial, Office Depot and Office Max, Buil-A-Sign, 4imprint, Rent Fast, Junk King, Sunbelt Rentals, Nu-Set, Kwikset, OdorXit, EZ Landlord Forms, and a number of other companies.

Come on down to our meeting this Tuesday evening. Lets get together and focus our efforts this year on making more money. As you know in my case it's a matter of reorganizing so I can make more money.

REI of Virginia is a college level educational organization that can and will put money in your pocket. Make REI a priority for the New Year to keep you mind on track and your pockets fat.


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