Monday, January 13, 2014

The Strongest Lease In Virginia Is Now Complete

What? The lease is done? Yes, you heard me right. The REI Lease is done. Years in the making. As with all leases it will be an ever evolving thing. However I can honestly tell you that I have never seen a lease this good. It covers all of the bases. We were fortunate enough to have the assistance of Roanoke's real estate expert attorney, Ross Hart. Ross looked it over in detail and gave us some great feedback.

This new lease helps set some standards in Roanoke. When someone rents property in Roanoke… This is the way it's done.

We had a number of meetings a good while back and went over each and every sentence, one by one. They were highly educational meetings and I learned quite a bit from them. It was interesting to hear what everyone had to say about each item. And in doing so we came to conclusions on the best way to handle each and every situation based on our collective experience.

Dues are back around again as we are now in 2014 and everyone will get a copy of the lease when you sign up for the year. Please remember, not a single dime of this money has been spent to pay any of us. We are all volunteers. It is used on the equipment we buy for meetings, sometimes speaker dinners, cost to incorporate, mailings we plan to do in the future, legal fund in case the government gets way out of hand, expenses for going to Richmond to attempt to change laws, etc.

I can't wait to start using it!

This Week Terry Carico On Health Insurance In Todays Market

This Week our guest speaker will be our sponsor Terry Carico. He will be talking about our REI Group Health Insurance through Optima. Terry will be there to cover all of the details on the regulations that are in place and what the health insurance companies have to offer with the Gold, Silver and Bronze plans.

There are some differences between them. He will also be talking about the add on's that you get by belonging to the REI Group plan.

Good Stuff! Come on down this Tuesday and enjoy some time with fellow educated successful individuals.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Learn How To Use REI's Community Buying Group Benefits This Week And Save Lots Of Money

You missed a great meeting if you missed our special "Thursday" meeting with Keith Boley of . I thought he may be coming to sell some stuff. Actually that wasn't the case. He was there to unload his techniques of making money with other peoples money and short selling properties in association with another company he works with that does ALL of the work. Loads of great information at this meeting, even for those who would consider themselves experts. He has an interesting twist on making money in Real Estate that I haven't heard.

Keith is a really nice guy and it was a pleasure to have him.

This week we're going to have a "Go To Meeting" event where Community Buying Group will be connected up to us on a laptop that we'll project to the big screen and they are going to talk to us in detail about how to use our benefits. It's real important to take advantage of any discount you can get with your companies as money saved is money earned that you will keep in your pocket.

If you get this email you can get money off going to Lowes. And if you have a LAR account you can get an additional 5% off your 2% savings. And if you pay your card in full when you get the bill you can get an additional 2% off totaling 9% savings.

Sherwin Williams is also giving us a discount of up to 40%. Community Buying Group will show you how to get it. We also have discounts from companies such as Sears Commercial, Office Depot and Office Max, Buil-A-Sign, 4imprint, Rent Fast, Junk King, Sunbelt Rentals, Nu-Set, Kwikset, OdorXit, EZ Landlord Forms, and a number of other companies.

Come on down to our meeting this Tuesday evening. Lets get together and focus our efforts this year on making more money. As you know in my case it's a matter of reorganizing so I can make more money.

REI of Virginia is a college level educational organization that can and will put money in your pocket. Make REI a priority for the New Year to keep you mind on track and your pockets fat.

Time To Make Some Goals For 2014

What  do you have planned for 2014? Planned for your business and for your personal life if you have one…

2014 will be the year of restructuring my companies and setting up an infrastructure that works. I expect by the end of the year to be completely reorganized in a manor where I can focus on growth rather than day to day operations. 2013 was good for making money but I didn't grow my business much like I wanted to. 

I figured out the reasons why. My companies are experiencing growing pains. I buy a new house and it takes months to get it rehabbed. My guys are so busy with tenant maintenance requests, clean outs, city approvals, section 8 inspections, etc that they don't have the time to do rehabs anymore. They spend a day here or there on the rehabs so my holding costs are high and nothing gets accomplished within a reasonable amount of time. That will end this year.

I have 1 of 2 options, my contractor can get multiple crews going 24/7 with one or two always on the new rehabs and another always on the repairs or I will have to hire on another crew. That problem will be solved within the next couple of months. I have loyalty to my contractor / friend and will try to get him to step up and make some more money. Because I want both of us to grow together. And it's going to have to happen right away.

We are just now finishing an 8 month long real simple rehab on Harrison and now trying to get to my own house in Roanoke County finished so we can knock out my new office. Once the office is complete I will have the room to expand and hire a personal assistant so I can completely eliminate every aspect of property management from my life and focus on growing a strong healthy group of companies. It's been very hard for me to get anything done due to being spread too thin and that's going to change this year.

2013 was irritating to me due to my infrastructure problems. I now know what I have been doing wrong. 2014 is going to be awesome!!!

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