Monday, December 2, 2013

Landlord Nightmare Stories Coming Up This Tuesday Near You…

First let me give thanks to our President Andy Stowasser for doing such a great job with setting up some really informative and fun meetings. It's not an easy job, I know that from personal experience.

This week he scheduled a meeting called Landlord Nightmare Stories. In this meeting we get to talk about the worst or most interesting things we've individually bumped into as landlords so we can learn from each other. It helps to hear what kinds of problems other landlords have encountered so you know how to handle it when it happens to you.

Did you have a con artist nightmare tenant put you through the ringer with the judge while they shacked up in your place and got free rent for months? How about a neighbor who tapped into your rental's power lines and ran your bill up for months before you caught them? Or a tenant that you had a past relationship with that turned the court room into another Judge Judy show? What about this, some real mean tenants that wanted to move and you told them that they will need to honor the lease agreement so they tried to burn your house to the ground? Or a few squatter families that lived in your condemned house that refused to move and the city wouldn't do anything about it so they filled all 11 toilets and 4 bathtubs with their feces and smeared it all over the walls when the landlord eventually forced them out?

Ohh, Whoops, that's my low income landlord drama…

There's an easy way and a hard way to manage your property. The easy way is to come to REI this Tuesday and listen to the stories that our members tell. Many of us have run into a number of interesting, irritating and or legal problems in our profession. It's good to hear these stories and how they were handled as it gives you an understanding on what to do or not do if and when it happens to you.


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