Monday, December 9, 2013

Cox Home Security For You And Or Your Tenants

I don't have time to write much right now. I hope you all have a few minutes here and there to put some time towards looking into what happens to real estate in periods of inflation and deflation. That article I wrote and the link provided is essentially a beginner crash course on the subject. It was very well received as I had at least 60 emails from our members regarding the subject.

If you read it and were able to understand it you're a long way there. If you didn't you are more than welcome to ask me questions and I'll help bring you up to speed. Once you understand the impact of inflation and deflation you are armed with one of a few tools needed to read the future in our industry. Other tools include understanding the impact of population fluctuation, the basics of supply and demand, and cycles that happen over and over in our industry.

Educated investors win in times of uncertainty. They win big. And everyone else loses. This group is all about making ourselves money through our collective knowledge. We hit it on every angle. It's essentially an ongoing masters degree program for the intellectually superior. And it's fun so it doesn't even seem like we're learning.

This week we're going to have our vendor style meeting with a local rep for Cox Home Security named Laura who will be talking about their product for your own home and or middle to upper class rental properties as an upgrade that can potentially justify higher rents.

Essentially their product isn't only an alarm system that can send you photo and video of what's happening at your house but it also can help you save money by setting up rules for lighting and heating that can be managed right from your smartphone.


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