Monday, November 4, 2013

This Week We Will Learn About Landlord Max Property Management Software

Last time we had a meeting about property management software it was about Quicken Rental Property Manager which was done by Phil Givens. Dan uses that software as well and added some points.

This time we are going to talk about Landlord Max. Before I purchased Landlord Max I did extensive research on the various software available. I decided I wanted software that was NOT web based as many of them are. The web based property management software comes with a monthly bill. I have enough of those.

I also wanted something that was very easy to use because I don't have the time to spend days or months trying to learn some software.

So my options were limited to Rent Tracker, Quicken Rental Property Manager, Real Tools, Tenant File (the one Jeffrey Taylor - Mr. Landlord -  uses), and Landlord Max.

I read and watched videos on websites such as and settled on Landlord Max because the price was right and it seemed to do almost everything I wanted it to do other than automatically generating pay or quit notices which would be nice. BTW, that review website has discounts on most if not all of the software that they review. The runner up would have been Tenant File for me but the higher price knocked it out back in the day when I was researching this software.

So this week I'm going to do a review of what I have learned about Landlord Max over the years. I never read the user manual so I'm sure I'm not using it to it's fullest potential. I just started inputting data and generating reports that can help you figure out quite a bit about your company and give you something quick and easy to give your accountant. To see some of the videos on Landlord Max Click Here.

If you come to the meeting I'll show you how to use it.


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