Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Week We Will Be Talking About Rainwater Systems You Can Install For Potable or Non Potable Water

This week our guest speaker will be Rick Hall of Rainwater Management Systems. Rick is going to educate us on the different types of systems that are available to collect rainwater that can either be filtered and used for drinking water or non filtered which can be used on gardens. They also are experts in setting up grey water systems to multipurpose the water you use. For example, the water from your sink or shower or something gets filtered and reused to water your garden or reused in showers or whatever.

If you have a house that is on well water, these systems are good to have when your well runs dry and can be used instead of your well when the power goes out which could be for weeks in the case of some sort of national or local emergency to the energy grid such as a bad storm or worst case scenario, a sunburst or an electromagnetic bomb which is one of the worst feared forms of terrorism in todays day and age.

If you have been reading these emails you would know that Roanoke City Council also has a new Utility bill that they are planning on giving all homeowners. They plan to start charging you for all of the water that comes off your roof, driveway, sheds, etc. You get charged based on how much space those things take up on your properties.

If you set up one of these kinds of systems and big daddy approves it, you will be able to cut your storm water utility bill in half. You obviously wouldn't do it just for this purpose alone because you're not going to be able to get a good ROI on it. But it would be an added benefit.

Self Sustainability also has it's merit. To not have to rely on the government to be there for you in the case of emergency. You don't need it until you need it and then it's too late.

As the great artist Salvador Dali said, "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." REI is essentially a college level investment class that is fun and has no tests. We provide the knowledge for you to be well rounded within all aspects of our industry. Take the intelligence you gain and use it within your personal life and business endeavors.

Give yourself a mental vacation and come on out to our meeting Tuesday evening and enjoy intelligent conversation with like minded people.


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