Friday, October 18, 2013

Tenants Being Naughty... / NEW REALITY SHOW!!!

So anyone know what that is? It's the leg of my deck. DUHHH,  LOL, Just kidding. That is marijuana. That is my tenants in the West End being naughty.

I told you from time to time I would add some of my stories of the weekly drama of being a low income landlord.

So lets go ahead and get this out of the way. Dallas, Did You Do A Background Check On Your Tenants? The answer is YES. I do both a civil and criminal background check on every tenant that lives in any of my units. If they have violent crimes or evictions they are automatically out of luck. Any string of crimes within the past few years will also get them looking for another place. But the past is the past and if a tenant had some minor drug charges or whatever many years ago I feel that they should have the opportunity to redeem themselves. I can tell you that I'm no angel and was quite the problem child years ago. However I am a grown man now and am a completely different person than what I was 15-20 years ago.

 So the pot plants were at one of my multifamily houses. One of my tenants that is a transsexual called me up and was very disturbed. She felt that another one of the tenants in the house stuck those marijuana plants outside her door to get her in trouble. She said that there are many people out there that hate transsexuals and felt that they were trying to get her arrested. I told her to calm down and don't worry about it, I'll take care of it.

So I drove over there and she showed me where they put them. She moved them off the back deck to the bottom of the deck so it would be away from her apartment. I told her to not worry about it. Honestly I think they put them outside for sun and didn't think she used the back door. I doubt that one of them were trying to get her in trouble but who knows.

Many of them were sitting on the front porch so just after I called the cops I went around the house and started taking pictures. I like to take pictures of any repairs I want done and text them to my contractor whenever I am at one of my properties. One of them asked why I was taking pictures of the house. They probably thought I was a code enforcer and were going to run me off. I told them that I am the landlord and am taking pictures of what I want fixed. You see, I don't know many of my tenants other than some communication on the phone or by text. Most of them have never seen me as my contractor rents all of my places.

I asked them who's pot plants are around the back of the house. They obviously all denied it and played stupid. I told them I could care less about what they do but I don't ever want to see anyone breaking the law on my property. Honestly I could care less about marijuana but it is still illegal in Virginia and as long as it is illegal I don't want it on my property.

So a few cop cars showed up. I think they all want to see it. An interesting call. But they pretty much had the same feeling that I do. They asked if I wanted them to search the house. I told them no. I really would just like to send a message to whoever it was that doing anything illegal on my property will not be tolerated. So they destroyed it right there and we left the broken pot on the ground so they would see what happens when they misbehave. The End.

Being a low income landlord comes with drama. It's not that bad though. I can definitely say that my life is very interesting. Most of the time I do enjoy being a source of affordable housing in the inner city. 


It's going to be allot of fun! We're putting together a few pilot shows. Essentially the subject matter will be low income landlording. We will show some of the drama that we have to deal with. We will expose what cities across the country are doing to the tax payer. And we'll show people how to make millions doing exactly what we are doing. FUN STUFF!


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