Monday, September 16, 2013

Star City ~ The New Detroit …

Roanoke City council has been guilty of corruption on multiple occasions. The time will soon come where the citizens of this great city will become aware of what the city council is doing with their tax money and the law will hold them personally accountable for their actions on both civil and criminal levels.

Indisputable Information:

The city takes over 260 Million dollars from it's citizens every year in the form of taxation and fines. They then take a significant portion of this money and allocate it for their special interest programs and give it away to their friends.

Roanoke City has implemented a make a millionaire program where if you are able to become friends of the council, you are able to acquire buildings for only $10 dollars a piece. Here are a list of some of the recent shady deals done by the council that the general public isn't aware of as they don't pay attention to politics.

1. The city purchased the Old YMCA building for $2,856,200 and gave it away to a man who was charged for prescription fraud for $10 dollars.

2. The city gave a building that had a fair market value of at least $618,700 to Ed Walker to do with as he wishes. Stipulations are it can be Whatever he wants it to be. The city says there hasn't been much interest in the building so the $10 dollar deal was a fair deal.

3. Roanoke City renovated the City Market Building for approximately 10 Million Dollars and at the same time had a 10 Million Dollar shortfall in money for the schools that they said they had to recoup through implementing the highest meals tax in the country. People, they are the ones that give general guidance to and final approval of the budget. If they want 10 million in extra money for a special project, all they have to do is adjust the budget and take money away from the schools or public safety and the sheeple will be practically begging to give them more money.

4. The city decided to get in the golf course business so they purchased countryside. And they took a portion of that property that they spent your money on and gave it to a private business on a rent to own contract for only 30K which included the improvements such as a new horse barn, etc. This property was worth a couple million dollars before they lowered it to 700K last year potentially due to their 30K deal. Regardless, giving a 700K piece of property away for 30K is an outrage!

5. Average Real Estate property values in the city have dropped by 20% or more since the bubble popped. And in the process, the city council dropped many areas by no more than 2%. And in doing so they gave all city employees a pay raise of a couple percent. Then again in the following year another across the board 3% city employee pay raise while shooting for a 28.5 percent pay raise for themselves. That final pay raise turned out to be 10% for themselves. The Mayor now makes 23K a year which is only 2K below the state cap for the extremely part time position.

A couple of them even personally told me that they do not wish for tenants to ever be held accountable for their own actions. That they say we are the property owner so we will always be held personally responsible for what tenants do that is illegal or against Roanoke city code or ordinances.

The list goes on and on. Mark my words. Their wrongdoings will eventually catch up with them.

The city council continually works against the best interest of their constituents.  From giving away very expensive buildings and land for next to nothing to voting themselves massive pay raises in these tough economic times.

They think they are immune to both criminal and civil charges being held against them as they have a team of lawyers that will defend them at no cost out of their pocket.  The tax payer will unwillingly pay for their defense by the use of the city attorneys that are paid for with our dime.

It's best to always live your life to the highest moral and ethical manor. Bad Karma always comes back around and gets you.


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