Friday, September 6, 2013


Ok, Thank You. Now that I have your attention I need to tell you something very important.

We now have a new meeting location. Our meeting time and day will remain the same. However instead of being at the Williamson El Rodeo, now our meetings will be at Shakers Restaurant, 1909 Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke VA 24012. Yes, that is the Shakers over by the mall. Good food there! Prices aren't too bad.

We will have a different room there for the first few meetings and then they will move us over to a private room. I was very happy to hear that Andy pulled that one off.

Andy, Dan and I talked with the owner of El Rodeo last week. They pretty much implied that we were not their "good paying" customers and they would rather put them in the air conditioned side and put us in the heat since we weren't as important. I made her realize that the place was dead when we moved there a few years ago. The simple fact that we filled the parking lot every Tuesday gave people passing by the impression that the place was desirable. And that became the first place they thought about on other days when deciding where to go to eat. Branding 101 …

She responded to me that that is part of the problem. We filled the parking lot and there is no room for any of her good customers. I left at that point.

Dan and Andy can handle people like that better than I can so it was time for me to go before my mouth got me arrested. The owners then cut it back from a few weeks of being over there to 1 or 2 weeks but they already dug their own hole and now they are going to have to lay in it. I think this is their first restaurant venture and they have made a big mistake but we are now on our way to some better tasting food and a different environment at Shakers.

We have had many complaints from our membership over the deteriorating food condition and poor service by the wait staff. It is time to change…

So…. El Rodeo is on my email list and if you are reading this message this is your first notification that you were mean and we don't like mean people.  Best wishes for your future endeavors. Good bye.  We will call you too to let you know if you don't read this because we are NICE…


Come on down to our weekly shindig and spend some time with some good like minded people to listen and participate in our weekly entertainment / educational meetings.

EVERY Tuesday From 6:30 pm to about 8:00 pm

At Shakers Restaurant, 1909 Valley View Blvd NW,  Roanoke VA 24012

We'll See You There!


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