Monday, September 30, 2013

NASA Technologies That Result in Significant Home Energy Reduction

We have another knock it out of the park meeting lined up for this Tuesday. Our  guest speaker will be Dave Brubaker of Home Energy Products.

Dave's company specializes in products that lower people's utility bills. Many of which are products that were spun off developments of NASA.

Products that they promote include a heat reflecting product that reflects 97 percent of radiant heat ; an interesting box that hooks up to your breaker box and reduces sine waves which lowers your power bills and increases the life of your appliances as well as protecting from power surges; an eco friendly laundry system that requires no hot water, no laundry detergent, clothing drys 40 percent faster and saves about $43 a month on 8 loads of laundry; a Pure Heat product that heats 1,000 to 1,500 square feet on about a dollar per day and a product that hooks into your HVAC system that destroys VOC's, Odors, Bacteria, Viruses and molds and keeps your system free from mold and bacteria.

It's going to be a fun educational meeting this week. Come on down to Shakers and hang out with some good, like minded people…


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