Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Correction - Our Speaker Tonight Is Travis Akins, Next Week Is Mark Page

Hi Everyone,

I told you last night that Mark Page would be talking to us tonight but I had my dates wrong. Mark will be next week.

Tonight will be Independent Travis Akins who is running for Roanoke City Sheriff against Republican Octavia Johnson and Democrat Tim Allen

As always, whenever possible we are fair to all candidates and hear everyone so we can make an educated vote on which candidate will be best for our businesses.

A great deal of our group consists of landlords. As a landlord we have 2 points of contact with the sheriff's department. One point is when we file an Unlawful Detainer or Warrant in Debt. At that point the courts set the case out about 3 weeks to allow for time for service. I have in the past had to file and request a speedy hearing due to a tenant I inherited from the seller of the property that was a threat to the health and safety of the surrounding neighbors as she tried to murder one of them and almost successfully did so.

I was told by the court that we can bump it up and I can get a hearing date in 2 weeks. That they could hear it right away but there had to be time for proper service. I personally feel that 2-3 weeks is allowing too much time for a deadbeat tenant to shack up in our property. This is one area that could be shaved down some.

Our second point of contact with the Sheriff's office is right after we finally get possession of the property. Many tenants hunker down and decide that they still won't leave. When they do this we have to file a Writ of Possession which is essentially setting a date for the Deputy Sheriff to come out to the house and help you remove the deadbeat tenant. It often takes 3 weeks from the date the Writ was filed to get the Deputy out there.

So in all we are looking at a month to a month and a half of time waiting on the Sheriff. That's a lot of money that Roanoke City Landlords are losing every month. Lets say the average rent is $700 and Octavia told us that there are 300 Unlawful detainers filed per month. That means that Roanoke City Landlords lose $210,000 every month waiting on the Sheriff's office.

I understand that there is no way that they can run right out there and serve the papers the next day. Especially with budget cuts. However I would like to see these numbers shaved down some. After all, Roanoke City Landlords are losing 2.5 million dollars per year waiting on service. That doesn't count all of the time the tenant already got out of us because they came up with some good excuse and we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt out of the goodness in our hearts.

So come on down tonight and lets hear Travis's stance on this and other subjects. It's super important that every candidate understands that there is an issue here so we can work together with them in the future on out of the box ideas to help landlords in the city.


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