Monday, September 30, 2013

NASA Technologies That Result in Significant Home Energy Reduction

We have another knock it out of the park meeting lined up for this Tuesday. Our  guest speaker will be Dave Brubaker of Home Energy Products.

Dave's company specializes in products that lower people's utility bills. Many of which are products that were spun off developments of NASA.

Products that they promote include a heat reflecting product that reflects 97 percent of radiant heat ; an interesting box that hooks up to your breaker box and reduces sine waves which lowers your power bills and increases the life of your appliances as well as protecting from power surges; an eco friendly laundry system that requires no hot water, no laundry detergent, clothing drys 40 percent faster and saves about $43 a month on 8 loads of laundry; a Pure Heat product that heats 1,000 to 1,500 square feet on about a dollar per day and a product that hooks into your HVAC system that destroys VOC's, Odors, Bacteria, Viruses and molds and keeps your system free from mold and bacteria.

It's going to be a fun educational meeting this week. Come on down to Shakers and hang out with some good, like minded people…

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Correction - Our Speaker Tonight Is Travis Akins, Next Week Is Mark Page

Hi Everyone,

I told you last night that Mark Page would be talking to us tonight but I had my dates wrong. Mark will be next week.

Tonight will be Independent Travis Akins who is running for Roanoke City Sheriff against Republican Octavia Johnson and Democrat Tim Allen

As always, whenever possible we are fair to all candidates and hear everyone so we can make an educated vote on which candidate will be best for our businesses.

A great deal of our group consists of landlords. As a landlord we have 2 points of contact with the sheriff's department. One point is when we file an Unlawful Detainer or Warrant in Debt. At that point the courts set the case out about 3 weeks to allow for time for service. I have in the past had to file and request a speedy hearing due to a tenant I inherited from the seller of the property that was a threat to the health and safety of the surrounding neighbors as she tried to murder one of them and almost successfully did so.

I was told by the court that we can bump it up and I can get a hearing date in 2 weeks. That they could hear it right away but there had to be time for proper service. I personally feel that 2-3 weeks is allowing too much time for a deadbeat tenant to shack up in our property. This is one area that could be shaved down some.

Our second point of contact with the Sheriff's office is right after we finally get possession of the property. Many tenants hunker down and decide that they still won't leave. When they do this we have to file a Writ of Possession which is essentially setting a date for the Deputy Sheriff to come out to the house and help you remove the deadbeat tenant. It often takes 3 weeks from the date the Writ was filed to get the Deputy out there.

So in all we are looking at a month to a month and a half of time waiting on the Sheriff. That's a lot of money that Roanoke City Landlords are losing every month. Lets say the average rent is $700 and Octavia told us that there are 300 Unlawful detainers filed per month. That means that Roanoke City Landlords lose $210,000 every month waiting on the Sheriff's office.

I understand that there is no way that they can run right out there and serve the papers the next day. Especially with budget cuts. However I would like to see these numbers shaved down some. After all, Roanoke City Landlords are losing 2.5 million dollars per year waiting on service. That doesn't count all of the time the tenant already got out of us because they came up with some good excuse and we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt out of the goodness in our hearts.

So come on down tonight and lets hear Travis's stance on this and other subjects. It's super important that every candidate understands that there is an issue here so we can work together with them in the future on out of the box ideas to help landlords in the city.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Star City ~ The New Detroit …


Roanoke City council has been guilty of corruption on multiple occasions. The time will soon come where the citizens of this great city will become aware of what the city council is doing with their tax money and the law will hold them personally accountable for their actions on both civil and criminal levels.

Indisputable Information:

The city takes over 260 Million dollars from it's citizens every year in the form of taxation and fines. They then take a significant portion of this money and allocate it for their special interest programs and give it away to their friends.

Roanoke City has implemented a make a millionaire program where if you are able to become friends of the council, you are able to acquire buildings for only $10 dollars a piece. Here are a list of some of the recent shady deals done by the council that the general public isn't aware of as they don't pay attention to politics.

1. The city purchased the Old YMCA building for $2,856,200 and gave it away to a man who was charged for prescription fraud for $10 dollars.

2. The city gave a building that had a fair market value of at least $618,700 to Ed Walker to do with as he wishes. Stipulations are it can be Whatever he wants it to be. The city says there hasn't been much interest in the building so the $10 dollar deal was a fair deal.

3. Roanoke City renovated the City Market Building for approximately 10 Million Dollars and at the same time had a 10 Million Dollar shortfall in money for the schools that they said they had to recoup through implementing the highest meals tax in the country. People, they are the ones that give general guidance to and final approval of the budget. If they want 10 million in extra money for a special project, all they have to do is adjust the budget and take money away from the schools or public safety and the sheeple will be practically begging to give them more money.

4. The city decided to get in the golf course business so they purchased countryside. And they took a portion of that property that they spent your money on and gave it to a private business on a rent to own contract for only 30K which included the improvements such as a new horse barn, etc. This property was worth a couple million dollars before they lowered it to 700K last year potentially due to their 30K deal. Regardless, giving a 700K piece of property away for 30K is an outrage!

5. Average Real Estate property values in the city have dropped by 20% or more since the bubble popped. And in the process, the city council dropped many areas by no more than 2%. And in doing so they gave all city employees a pay raise of a couple percent. Then again in the following year another across the board 3% city employee pay raise while shooting for a 28.5 percent pay raise for themselves. That final pay raise turned out to be 10% for themselves. The Mayor now makes 23K a year which is only 2K below the state cap for the extremely part time position.

A couple of them even personally told me that they do not wish for tenants to ever be held accountable for their own actions. That they say we are the property owner so we will always be held personally responsible for what tenants do that is illegal or against Roanoke city code or ordinances.

The list goes on and on. Mark my words. Their wrongdoings will eventually catch up with them.

The city council continually works against the best interest of their constituents.  From giving away very expensive buildings and land for next to nothing to voting themselves massive pay raises in these tough economic times.

They think they are immune to both criminal and civil charges being held against them as they have a team of lawyers that will defend them at no cost out of their pocket.  The tax payer will unwillingly pay for their defense by the use of the city attorneys that are paid for with our dime.

It's best to always live your life to the highest moral and ethical manor. Bad Karma always comes back around and gets you.

Over & Under Improvements of Property - Efficiently Reaching Your Pot Of Gold

Ghetto Rainbow
We have another awesome meeting lined up this week. Our good friend and REI Member, Mark Page, has been an appraiser for many years. Mark will be sharing his knowledge and experience in how individuals over or under improve a project.

Does it pay to add that swimming pool in the backyard? Adding flocked wall paper in the living room? Adding a half bath off the Master bedroom? Replacing old aluminum windows with thermal efficient ones?

Mark knows what pays off with your flips and what doesn't.

Come on down to our weekly business / entertainment meeting and become a better investor. Roanoke's meeting that talks about lining your pockets. Your continual involvement with our group will directly result in you begin able to save money, make more money and become a multi millionaire in a rather short period of time if you choose to do so.

And if you don't care about making or saving money I can assure you that you will benefit by becoming friends with a group of nice educated investors that you can always count on to help you with any question you have that arises within your company.

Shakers Restaurant, Every Tuesday Evening 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Your Real Estate Property Taxes Are Too High And Roger Malouf Can Prove It!

I bet you just got your over inflated tax bills from our lovely government. We pay them as a tribute for all of the things that they constantly do for us. Just Kidding!

We ask for some very simple things and they absolutely won't have it. Won't even entertain the thought of working together with Roanoke landlords. They prefer to send us threat letters, fines and criminal court charges for what our tenants do. That's how they pay us back. And they say they don't feel that the tenant should ever be held accountable for their own actions. We should, as we are their landlords and the owner of the property of which they reside. Unbelievable…

Lets give our hand to Commissioner for Revenue hopeful, Roger Malouf as he is going to bat for us and every single citizen in Roanoke City. Taxes are too high in these trying times. Property values have significantly decreased and the city continues to tax you at close to the same rates they always have. Their greed for your money is relentless. It's time to put an end to it!

Roger will have 2 debates coming up regarding this issue. One will be September 25th and the other will be October 5th. Details will be coming.

Roger needs volunteers to give away water at the Greenway in Roanoke City. All you have to do is hand out bottles of cold water with information attached. We're trying to get the message out.

We need volunteers for week day evenings. Maybe 6:00pm to 7:30 or so. Saturdays somewhere between 11am and 2pm at Willey Drive… And other parks in the city at similar times. Your help is greatly appreciated. In all actuality you will be helping yourself as well as every citizen in Roanoke by giving out water. A nice and easy way to show people you care about Roanoke.

Hand out some Vote for Low Taxes water by contacting me and I'll get you in touch with Roger. I don't want to post his email on here for the spammers.

Spammers Click Here

REI of Virginia Inc. Teams Up With Roanoke's Rebuild Together Program To Help Veterans or Widows of Veterans!


Ladies and Gentlemen, REI Member Jim Arend, will be the House Captain for a Rebuilding Together program that we will be participating in.

We will have the opportunity to help one of about 15 Veterans or widows of Veterans this year by giving a helping hand, going to their house on November 9th and rehabbing it.

Jim did this last year with the Kiwanis Club and says it usually takes about a half a day… Rebuild selects the homes, provides all the materials and supplies, provides lunch and a T-Shirt with our name on it. REI will need a minimum of about 12 workers for that Saturday morning. Lets make this happen. Good positive PR for REI and an opportunity to show our support for those, or the widows of those who have fought for our freedom!

Your Good Karma Will Go A Long Way!

Roanoke City Develops A New Program To Lower Your New Stormwater Utility Bill

So you probably know by now that they city has developed a new utility bill. As if you don't already have enough with your water bill, electric bill, gas bill, phone bill, etc. You now will have a Stormwater Bill.

The city blames this bill on you. They say that the surface area of your house, your shed and your driveway, even if it is gravel, doesn't let water soak into the ground so you are causing runoff into the creeks and river which leads to a polluted waterway.

A few years back, Roanoke City dumped and buried cubic tons of hazardous waste and got caught. They now got caught dumping solid waste and you're at fault.

The reality is that the Water Authority and City now have a real big problem with dumping raw sewage into the Roanoke River and it's tributaries. Too bad they can't just tell the truth and say they need money to fix their problem. None of us want the waterways to be contaminated. Just don't pass the buck. Admit it.

The city now developed a new program that you can spend thousands doing and cut your Stormwater Bill by up to half. That's right, You can spend a few hundred to a few thousand and can cut your $45 dollar bill in two!

Here it is: Click Here

This Week Susan Lower On GIS Functionality - At Shakers Restaurant

This week we have special guest speaker, Susan Lower. Susan is the Director of Real Estate for Roanoke City Government.

Susan will be back with us this week to talk about the functionality of the NEW Roanoke City GIS. She is going to teach us how to use it and will cover what has been added and hopefully not subtracted.

I see some missing things like the ability to download the Geographical Information System database. Downloading the database is important as it allows us to come up with currant statistics on how many owner occupied property there is in a neighborhood vs. rentals. It also allows for lots of other useful statistical information. And for those real estate professionals who are setting up mailing lists to purchase a particular kind of property, the ability to download the database is critical.

Maybe it is still there. I don't know. Hopefully so. The one thing I can truly say that Roanoke City has done well with is the GIS. It is a very useful tool.

Last Week we had a fantastic meeting at Shakers. Let me tell you, I was really impressed with the restaurant. They handled our group very well. The waitstaff was very professional, the food was good and the atmosphere was exactly what we needed.

Susan and the guy she brought, sorry I forgot his name, covered the functionality of the new GIS. I was very happy to see that everything is still there and they hit another home run on this one!!! It is now even easier to operate and obtain most kinds of needed statistical information. Susan also gave us an idea of what was to come and it sounds great.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Ok, Thank You. Now that I have your attention I need to tell you something very important.

We now have a new meeting location. Our meeting time and day will remain the same. However instead of being at the Williamson El Rodeo, now our meetings will be at Shakers Restaurant, 1909 Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke VA 24012. Yes, that is the Shakers over by the mall. Good food there! Prices aren't too bad.

We will have a different room there for the first few meetings and then they will move us over to a private room. I was very happy to hear that Andy pulled that one off.

Andy, Dan and I talked with the owner of El Rodeo last week. They pretty much implied that we were not their "good paying" customers and they would rather put them in the air conditioned side and put us in the heat since we weren't as important. I made her realize that the place was dead when we moved there a few years ago. The simple fact that we filled the parking lot every Tuesday gave people passing by the impression that the place was desirable. And that became the first place they thought about on other days when deciding where to go to eat. Branding 101 …

She responded to me that that is part of the problem. We filled the parking lot and there is no room for any of her good customers. I left at that point.

Dan and Andy can handle people like that better than I can so it was time for me to go before my mouth got me arrested. The owners then cut it back from a few weeks of being over there to 1 or 2 weeks but they already dug their own hole and now they are going to have to lay in it. I think this is their first restaurant venture and they have made a big mistake but we are now on our way to some better tasting food and a different environment at Shakers.

We have had many complaints from our membership over the deteriorating food condition and poor service by the wait staff. It is time to change…

So…. El Rodeo is on my email list and if you are reading this message this is your first notification that you were mean and we don't like mean people.  Best wishes for your future endeavors. Good bye.  We will call you too to let you know if you don't read this because we are NICE…


Come on down to our weekly shindig and spend some time with some good like minded people to listen and participate in our weekly entertainment / educational meetings.

EVERY Tuesday From 6:30 pm to about 8:00 pm

At Shakers Restaurant, 1909 Valley View Blvd NW,  Roanoke VA 24012

We'll See You There!

Monday, September 2, 2013

REI President, Andy Stowasser, Leading A Discussion On 3 of the Most Important Concepts To Consider When Refurbishing Property.

When renovating or flipping a house, or even buying one to rent out, what are the three most important concepts to consider? This fun and informative presentation will explore and answer those questions. Using the latest renovation project, we will also explore two business models that can be used by anyone, especially those who are new or looking to expand their business into real estate. For both investor and landlord this will be an evening to learn some new ideas, tips and tricks on making your projects better and to "think outside of the box."

Our meetings that are given by our members always seem to be the most fun. I'm really looking forward to this meeting because I know I will walk away with good tried and true information. I highly value information from our members who have "been there and done that". Our members who slipped through our recession unscathed. Andy is that guy. He's proven himself over the years to be a sophisticated investor with a tried and true business model that works!

I've been told by Andy's Realtor that he is one of, if not the best renovator in this area. I had an opportunity to see one of his rehabs a couple months ago but unfortunately I was tied up too deep with work to leave the office. I'll definitely find a way to squeeze out some time on his next one.

Come out to our Real Estate Investor Meeting this week and educate yourself while spending a little time with good, like minded people.

EVERY Tuesday From 6:30 pm to about 8:00 pm
At El Rodeo, 4017 Williamson Rd. Roanoke VA

*** We are currently looking for a new location so please be sure to keep an eye on where we are meeting because it will likely change soon. ***

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