Thursday, August 22, 2013

There Is No REI Group In The Country Like Ours!!!

Your Dump Truck Kind Of Looks Like This, It's Under CDL
Real Estate Investors of Virginia is diligently working on developing some great benefits for our Premium Members. One idea we came up with was to start buying items that Premium Members can use with their businesses. We just bought an old dump truck with only about 67,000 miles on it. It is currently getting a tuneup and some paint to stop the rust. We are looking for a good deal on a lowboy trailer, backhoe or skid steer loader, maybe a mini excavator, a dump trailer, soil pipe cutter, commercial ozone generator, power plumbers auger with 100 feet of cable and a cutting head, a brush cutter, jackhammer, maybe a ditch witch,  a towable lift or cherry picker, etc. We don't have much money so we will be getting these things slowly throughout time.

You will only be able to use these items if you are a Premium Member. REI of Virginia is interested in setting up some awesome benefits for our members. We are paid nothing for what we do!!! We are merely volunteers.  Your dues money goes back to helping out you and landlords in general in greater Roanoke. If you haven't signed up for Premium Membership yet, please contact me right away and I will lead you in the right direction if you don't already have Eric's contact info. I'm not putting it here on the internet as he will end up getting spammed.

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