Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Roanoke City Plans On Making YOU Pay For The WATER AUTHORITIES Dumping of Raw Sewage In The River


The EPA wants our rivers and streams cleaned up.

A few of us were given a presentation regarding the new tax that the city plans on implementing to cover the costs of cleaning up the Water Authorities mess. As I recall, each property will be required to pay approximately 30 to 40 dollars per year. They have positioned their strategy to place blame on the Roanoke City homeowner. The city takes the position that your house and driveway and other structures such as sheds are not allowing water to soak in the ground and the runoff is the reason the waterways are polluted. I strongly question the number one contaminant of our waterways. And I can guarantee you that it's not raining fecal matter.

The Water Authority is dumping a massive amount of raw sewage into the rivers. Take a trip to Tinker Creek Park one day and you will see for yourself the huge grate chained on the ground where the creek meets the Roanoke River. On a number of occasions I have personally seen raw sewage shooting 8 feet in the air out of that grate and running down into Tinker Creek. They have lye spread on the ground around it. No way that will do anything with the amount of sewage that runs down that hill. It forms it's own tributary to the river.

I hate seeing all of the people play in the water whenever we have a big storm and the city floods. The Water Authorities raw sewage plant backs up as their lines have city storm water runoff draining into them.  These kids clearly don't know they're playing in raw sewage. The currant infrastructure can't handle large quantities of excess water. 

This is a problem that has to be straightened out but it kills me that the city pretends it is a result of the homeowners impervious surfaces and talks about pesticides and oil and such rather than the raw sewage issue that they have been covering up for a long time now.

The Draft Stormwater Ordinance - Click Here


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