Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Frank Is Going To Knock It Out Of The Park With A Section 8 Tool He Has Developed!!!

This Week it's all about Section 8. Our Member and Chief Technology Officer, Frank Erhartic, developed a new tool that will help you mathematically determine what's affordable for your Section 8 tenants. It takes everything into account including the utilities, number of bedrooms, etc. Is your rent too high? Or is it too low…

You're not going to want to miss this meeting. Go ahead and cancel any plans you had and come on down.

Maybe I can get Frank to tell me how I get my own page on Forbes…

On another note regarding the Housing Authorities Section 8 program, we had some discussion a couple of times regarding the program and how difficult it has been with one of the inspectors in particular. A police style my way or no way attitude and the no house will get a clean bill of health standard that had developed doesn't work for the Section 8 Program or the Landlords who participate in it.

I had a conference call with the leadership as they were concerned and do have an interest in the continual development of positive relationships with landlords in the program. So don't give up on it yet. After talking with them, I do strongly feel that they will make some changes in the program regarding their methods of communication with Section 8 landlords which will allow us to continue to move forward providing safe and healthy environments for Roanoke's low income residents. 


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