Monday, July 1, 2013

What The City Council Is Talking About Tonight…

What The City Council Is Talking About Tonight

So Here's a quick rundown of what the City Council is up to:

1. New budget for the schools. Adding an increase of 6 million to the general fund for schools, adding 1 million for food service and 100K to be added to athletics.

2. Virginia Department of Social Services gives Roanoke City a grant of $312,887 to be given to workers to help people on TANF (Welfare) to get jobs instead of laying around the house all day. They will be giving it up to places like TAP, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare and Goodwill. Lets see some results people! 

3. City increases a contract with AECOM USA, an out of town out of state New Jersey company, an additional 93K for transportation inspections and gives an additional 99K to local Mattern & Craig.

4. City needs to get on Norfolk Southern property to finish the greenway. Norfolk Southern has refused entry unless the city fills out a Right of Entry document and pays for Norfolk Southern people to watch over the city while city surveyors, etc are on the property. I think I will need to start charging the city for my employees watching over them when they go on my property too. They also have to pay about 2K for general liability insurance for being on the property. All good ideas from Norfolk Southern.

5. Lots of talk about the budget and how they successfully have been sucking money out of the private sector and from the citizens of our city. Congrats on the 14.8 percent increase on permits, fees and licenses primarily from building inspections being way up and requiring permits for everything. They have increased their budgets accordingly and the city employee across the board 3% pay increase is now in full effect.

They have determined that the Roanoke Economy is improving since they are getting more money. But there is still a weak consumer confidence.

6. They will also be talking about the city council pay again. Got to get some more money for our leaders. And they will have a 90 minute briefing on the storm water utility issues. Looking like the city is going to charge each and every citizen about $31 dollars more for the average city house because they want some money to comply with EPA guidelines that they don't dump toxic waste into the creeks and river. Business will pay much more.

The city has blamed this on the property owner saying the problem stems from pesticides, etc used in their yards. Just like they tried to pass the blame when they got caught by the EPA dumping toxic waste. I can assure you that the pesticides in peoples yards is a very small contribution to the problems stemming in the Roanoke River. Roanoke City or the Water Authority is regularly dumping massive amounts of sewage in the River. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Ever take a walk down the river and smell that horrible raw sewage smell? I have many times and I found one of the sources of the problem. On tinker creek in SE Roanoke I was walking my dog down the creek and right where the creek meets the river there is a big square grate on the ground. Chained Down! And they spread lye all over the ground around it. Well. One day I saw raw sewage blasting out of the grate about 8 feet high. Nastiest thing I have ever seen. And it flowed down the bank into the river over that lye. There were literally cubic tons of raw sewage entering that creek every hour.

Well, I'm happy to announce that Roanoke City Council is still busy running our lives. Please always remember that Roanoke City Government is Good and they know what's best for you.


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