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The Fair Housing Coalition


                                                  The Fair Housing Coalition

    Fighting For The Rights Of Los Angeles Housing Providers


                    A Message To Landlords Across The USA

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July 17, 2013

In case you have never received any e-mails from me before, I am the President of The Fair Housing Coalition, founded in 2009, we are a landlord association in Los Angeles, California.  At this time, we have 240 members and we are growing all the time.

The City of Los Angeles and the State of California are both very business unfriendly.  In the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Housing Department will confiscate a landlord rents from all his/her units over minor code violations in one or two units of a 40 unit apartment building.  This is insane and criminal.  At the present time, more than 1,700 landlords are having their rent confiscated by the city and there was never any due process of law.  This is a form of communism.

I have a background in the media. I’ve hosted several local radio and TV talks shows in Los Angeles.  Three years ago, I decided that I must start using the media to change public opinion about landlords.  I’ve had a good measure of success so far but there is a cottage industry in Los Angeles of renter’s groups, funded by taxpayer money, that are connected to lawyers who make a living from suing landlords.  I’m constantly at battle with these forces of evil.

My reason for sharing all this with you is that I believe the USA is going in the wrong direction.  There is a growing percentage of our population who believe it is the government’s job to take care of them, to supply them with everything they need to be comfortable.  See that as an opportunity, there are unethical political candidates who have figured out that my demonizing landlords, they can win over large numbers of renters to vote for them.  This has been going on in Los Angeles for 30 years.

Unfortunately social and political trends that start in Los Angeles, once they are driven by the media often find their way across the country.  We don’t want the cancer that has rooted itself in LA government to spread across the country.

I have decided to build a national e-mail database of landlord associations.  So far I have close to 300 e-mails but I still have another 150 associations that I need to call and get their e-mail addresses.   The purpose of this is to build an information network of landlord association nationwide.   Should there be a bad law created to in one city, we can alert the rest of the country and maybe the associations in our database will call upon their members to contact elected officials to kill that bad law.  Politicians do respond when their offices phone lines get jammed with angry calls from the public.

There are many politicians across the country who have dreams of becoming nationally known and/or ending up in Washington, DC.  If anyone in office anywhere is responsible for making unfair laws against our industry this needs to be exposed nationally so their career will come to a halt.   The time has come for landlords to become nationally connected and nationally informed about those trying to hurt our industry.  There may come a time when we will landlords from all over the country to call the federal government to investigate a government official that is trying to hurt local landlords.  The Department of Justice could be a good ally for us.

In Los Angeles about ninety percent of all landlords are in a political coma.  They don’t want to be involved in any fighting for their rights because they believe it is hopeless.

That is a mindset that I am determined to overcome.  My goal is to wake up LA landlords and then start a national movement to unite landlords nationally.  We must create a huge movement.  So that nowhere in America will any politician think that he/she can create unfair laws against our industry and get away with it.

I plan to shoot a video news update every two weeks and post it on-line. We do have a youtube channel and you can view some of our previous videos.  Due to a technical error we have two youtube channels but we do plan to consolidate them into one.  See the links below.

When you see how the city harassed a 94-year-old World War II Vet, it will anger you.  He couldn’t endure all their legal harassment and a few months later he died.  Dan Carazo will not be forgotten.  Take a look at his video.  The Los Angeles Housing Department is run by a small group of criminals and we are going to expose this so they are brought to justice.

Here is the link to our youtube channel

 If landlords in your city are under attack by an elected official, please let us know so we can report on it.  I’m available to come to your city and teach you how to fight back, how to use the media to change public opinion on an issue and put hard pressure on government officials who don’t respect landlord rights.   Sometimes politicans like to use the word "slumlord' and paint us all with the same wide brush.  The truth is that all across the country, the government does a terrible job when it comes to supplying low-income housing.  We do a much better job at providing housing for low-income people. We are the good-guys here and the time has come to inform the general public about this.  When it comes to fighting those who attack our industry, there is much work that needs to be done.

Bill Hooey


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