Friday, July 5, 2013

Roanoke Moving Company Robs REI Member and Refuses to Honor Insurance Claim

Moving Commentary:

REI member loses 10's of thousands of dollars of furniture to Roanoke moving company, Collegiate Movers.

Our member thought they picked the right company. They were able to provide insurance on their very expensive antiques for the move and promised climate controlled storage while getting their new house in order.

They were excited about the move to the beach and they felt like they picked a good company with nice honest people to work with.

Moving day came and the movers were provided fresh brownies and  ice cold water. Good thing to keep everyone happy and motivated! The beach was in the near future and things were going great…

Then the bottom completely dropped out, literally. They were moving a desk and they were warned not to move it in a particular way because they would break it. Knowing the desk better than their customer they continued to move it the same way and sure enough they broke it. Crack, crunch, splinters and hinges flew everywhere.

After looking through their things there were many broken items all over the place. These movers were extremely rough with their belongings. Lost the nuts and broke bolts to their daybed, glass in pictures completely shattered, they must have thrown everything…. Irreplaceable sentimental belongings missing and broken. A bowl broken that was the last thing they had of that part of the family.

Our members are real nice people and just continued with this move without jumping all over the owner of the company like I would have.

They were putting things away and setting up their house. Box after box. Cuts on their feet and hands from going through the boxes of broken things. Then noticed a very expensive table that was cracked. Either cracked by the movers or it wasn't stored in a climate controlled building which is what they paid for. This was really getting bad at this point. The move has been a complete disaster. Broken items all over the place and a table worth well over $20,000 that has a big crack in it. They have antique furniture in their house worth a half a million dollars! This stuff isn't junk.

Can you imagine the salt in the wound feeling you would have when you paid for climate controlled storage, treated everyone great with brownies and ice cold water when they needed it and expected a good move with no issues and it seems like everything you pick up to put away has been damaged?

And to top it off you have the owner, Adrian Michalski said he doesn't want to use the insurance that she bought from him and would rather that she just glues everything back together.  Unbelievable!

They then noticed that there were missing items as well. One of the most expensive being a night stand which is pictured above. They only stole one of them so the other now is useless. And so is the bed and the dresser as they are all a set of matching antiques.

So they continued to contact Adrian time and time again and got the same run around. His attitude turned to blatant unprofessionalism, sarcasm, disrespect, and complete disregard for their belongings. They told Adrian to please make the insurance claim that they purchased or  they will have no other option than to reclaim losses in court. He said fine.

If you happen to see the night stand for sale anywhere please let me know so she can get it back and so criminal charges can be placed on the responsible party.

And be careful when you move. It appears that some moving companies like to play games betting on you not suing since you now live states away. I've got news for them. Our members don't play games with people like this.


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