Monday, July 1, 2013

Roanoke City Calls It "Good Government"

Roanoke City ~ Good Government:

I've searching for a long time for a business owner in Roanoke City that agrees with Roanoke Cities "Good Government" slogan. And I haven't been able to find anyone. It's real hard to think Good Government in a city that continually shows that they hate business.

I promised our members that I would from time to time expose some of the things that Roanoke City is doing so we can all keep abreast of what our local leaders have in store for us. Having limited time it's hard to keep up on what they do but every single time I look they seem to be misbehaving. Not a good way to get reelected.

25 years ago Roanoke City had 4 hard working code enforcers. With a larger population. Today we are up to 20. The media asked Roanoke City how many people are in the department and Roanoke City lied to them. They told them 13. They didn't want to count any of the supportive staff or management of the department which brings the number to 20.

Our Good Government decided that 20 now isn't enough even though the head honcho, Dan Webb, told REI of Virginia that they were fully staffed at 19 a couple years ago. See the ad below.

If you would like to give a hand helping the public keep up with their grass or a number of other Good Government jobs than please click this link. Our Good Government is growing quickly to account for additional revenue and needs your help NOW!$jobs

Codes Compliance Inspector I (Temporary) [9221] Neighborhood Services
Salary: $14.73/HR Close Date: Open Until Filled
Inspects for building maintenance of existing structures, Rental Certificate of Compliance program, zoning compliance, the enforcement of inoperable motor vehicles, weeds, trash and graffiti ordinances and violations. Canvasses City building maintenance, zoning, inoperable motor vehicle, weed and trash, and graffiti violations. Issues Certificates of Compliance through the Rental Inspection Program.  Receives, evaluates and investigates complaints involving zoning violations. Prepares monthly reports on zoning inspections. Summons violators and testifies in court. High School diploma or general education degree (GED); three to five years related experience and/or training in the building construction and appraisal of residential and complex commercial/industrial properties; or equivalent combination of education and experience.  Must possess a valid appropriate driver's permit issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Must obtain Virginia Certification as a Building Maintenance Inspector issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development within 12 months of employment.  Bilingual, Spanish/English speakers encouraged to apply. *TEMPORARY PART TIME POSITION, AVERAGE 24-32 HOURS PER WEEK. POSITION WILL BE AVAILABLE TO FILL 11/27/2012*


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