Monday, July 22, 2013

Learn How To Save Some Money This Week With Allan Wulff of Solar Tech LLC

Allan and his family
I'm happy to say we have another  fun meeting lined up for this week. We are always talking about what to do in rental property but not so much about flip possibilities or something you can do to your own house.

This week we will have Allan Wulff of Solar Tech LLC come to educate our group on some of the new technology available today to cut back on energy costs.

His company has some nice systems such as a window film that stops 80 to 90 percent of heat going in or going out which is said to cut heating and cooling bills by up to 40 percent.

They also specialize in radiant hot water systems. Hot water is the second highest energy user in most households. The operating cost of these systems are less than $0.10 per day. And from what I understand, these systems can be tied into radiant floor heat so you can really save some money!

His company also has a solar pool heating system as well as the ability to do energy analysis and portable power systems for your house.

Fun stuff!


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