Monday, July 29, 2013

Chris Chittum Will Be Our Guest Speaker This Week!

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This week our guest speaker will be the Roanoke City Planning Director Chris Chittum.

REI of Virginia is hoping to get started off on the right foot and develop a positive relationship with Chris. We've been trying to work with the city for the past few years and have had nothing but resistance on everything from tenant accountability for their own actions to police state style code enforcement or the permit office making you jump through too many unnecessary hoops to fix up a property.

I told Chris that we would "Love to have him come and talk with us and share his views on the direction he sees for Roanoke City Code Enforcement and the Building and Planning Office. And what type of relationship that he intends the city having with property owners." Stating that we own roughly half of the residential rental property in the city and "It seems that it would be good for us to be working together with the city."

This certainly will be an interesting meeting. Lets voice our opinions on how we feel business owners in the city would benefit while not making Chris feel like he jumped into a tank of sharks. The city has some very serious customer service issues, many of which are within departments that Chris took over which include Code Enforcement, Planning and Neighborhood Services, Building Inspections, and HUD.

We're hoping that Chris can work this stuff out and make Roanoke City a great place to do business like it should be...


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