Monday, January 14, 2013

Officials With Fine Hats...

Officials With Fine Hats.... Who are they? That's the group of people in our country today that another small group of very loud individuals, (that do not represent the public opinion) yell to attempting to convince them to impose their power upon others. 

A real nice guy he is... One of my tenants. He's a hero of our country and I have utmost respect for the man. He fought in Vietnam and was shot multiple times and lived. As he has aged those shots are really starting to bother him so for the past few years he has been trying to get military disability due to his injuries. It's been a tough battle for him but things are getting ready to get allot harder than he could imagine.

He is a very poor man, has a wife and a few kids that he has to take care of. He's lived in my house for 25 years and that is his home. So to make ends meet he sells a few tires from time to time when he can find buyers. 

A Code Enforcer sent me a couple threat letters saying I am in violation of a zoning offense of Roanoke City government. This enforcer did not give me a friendly call or talk to the tenant to notify him that he is breaking what they think is a very serious law that is going to end up getting his landlord in big trouble. She decided that it would be best to just go ahead and get the ball rolling on the legal process they follow to get landlords in court to punish them for their tenants actions.

So, it's looking like I may be facing criminal charges and stiff fines. I hustled up and contacted the resident and told him he's going to have to give up his sales of those tires for survival money because I have been officially attacked by the Roanoke City Government.

I really feel bad for the guy. Survival is tough enough in these hard times. Especially when Roanoke City has turned into a huge Homeowners Association. Typically if people liked to live a certian way with loads of rules they picked a Homeowners Association to live in where people aren't free to do as they wish. But in our currant police state in Roanoke City, the officials have developed a mentality that landlords should be punished for tenants actions as property rights are a thing of the past.

It's unfortunate that the officials with the fine hats these days have a lack of compassion for people but I can assure you that bad karma like that comes around and bites you every time.


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