Monday, January 14, 2013

Both Good And Bad Legislation Is Being Submitted Right Now

The politicians in Virginia are busy right now adding new bills that dictate what you do to be voted on in the Virginia General Assembly. If you want to check on them to see what they are doing or not doing you can go track what they are doing at the Virginia Legislative System website. Some helpful links below:

Virginia Legislative System:

To Check What a Specific Politician Is Doing Go Here, Click On Their Name and Then Click The Links Under "Sponsored Legislation"

To Check What Bills Are Coming Up For Vote This Session By Subject Such as Water and Sewer Systems to Keep An Eye On the Water Authority or Real Estate and Real Estate Tax, etc To See What They Have In Store For You Click Here:

*** Remember that this stuff is changing every day now so you have to keep going back. Every time I go back I see many more proposed bills. If you see anything on there that's real estate related that you would like REI of Virginia to support or oppose than please let me know. I can guarantee you that there are some hidden little nuggets in there that are going to make you shoot fire out of your eyes. We just have to find them…..

Any of you that are Realtors that know what the Virginia Association of Realtors is getting behind or fighting please let me know. The Virginia Home Builders Association as well if anyone knows.


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