Monday, September 17, 2012

I Am A Criminal In The Eyes Of The City of Roanoke

So if you do a criminal background check on me you will find that I have a "dismissed" criminal charge of Failure to Comply With the Statewide Building Code that was given to me by Dana Horne-Shambry. The house did not belong to me. And also a failure to notice that my sticker on my license plate was out of date. Woops...

Now I have a new criminal charge that I have to defend myself on that was given to me by Craig Sisson. Craig sent me a letter that one of my new tenants had a large "outdoor storage" pile of stuff in the back yard. I drove by the house to see if this was true and sure enough... She has a pile of furniture and other random items outside in the back yard that she had not yet moved into the house. I asked her if she could get it up no less than 5 times and my contractor told her on multiple occasions as well. I can not legally take her belongings and get rid of them without going through the eviction process. So clearly I am in a bind.

Craig failed to call me even though all of them have my cell phone number. Would have been a nice thing to do but I guess Craig wasn't feeling that nice that day. Just had me served with criminal papers. But the police officer did give me a call and serve me by phone.

The tenant was late on her second month of rent and she asked my contractor if I would waive the late fee because she didn't know where to pay. I agreed to do so as long as she got up that pile of stuff the same day. Which didn't happen. It is still sitting there. Still a source of blight in the neighborhood. I don't like it and I'm sure the neighbors don't like it either. I even pleaded with her that she will end up getting me put in court and she still has refused to get up her stuff.

I am wondering exactly why it is that the city code enforcement department did not take the accountable tenant to court and subpoena me as a witness as they are allowed to do. The code enforcement department has already talked with the city attorney and the city attorney said that would be an acceptable option. Taking the tenant to court would permanently stop her from doing this not only at my house but every house she lives at in the future in the city. But the code enforcement department decided it would be better to take me to court for what this tenant has done. Unbelievable.

And to make matters worse, what happens down the road when I decide to take a presidents position at a major corporation and the board of directors has human services do a criminal background check? Sure, they will see these "dismissed" charges but it will leave a suspicion that I am not a law abiding person regardless if it was dismissed or not. I do not like having charges, even dismissed ones on my record. And I have been told it costs $600 to have a dismissed charge expunged.

Is this policy that the code enforcement department has to not hold the tenant accountable for their own actions a good method of putting an end to the blight conditions that we face? Are blight issues such as this a result of a landlords poor management of his or her business or a result of tenants refusing to comply with the city code knowing that they won't be held accountable anyway?

When you tell your children to do something do they always do exactly as told? How about if you tell a grown adult to do something... Do they always listen? Yes, I MAY be able to force her out through an eviction court process which takes time. And she will move on to another landlords house in the city and do it all over again as she has never been held accountable to date as per her criminal record background check. So the problem goes on and the city blight issues will never change without some minor policy changes. There are a few bad apples in the city that will remain bad apples as long as they never get a smack on their hand or to their wallet.


Anonymous said...

The tenant doesn't own the property, you do !! You are ultimately responsible for what takes place at a property you are receiving money for..

Dallas ® on November 9, 2012 at 5:41 PM said...

Sorry, I hate to be the one to tell you but I am not "ultimately responsible" for anyone's actions other than my own.

I am not anyone's baby sitter either. I do not run a daycare and have no intentions of doing so.

It's hard enough telling your children to behave and expecting them to do it. Try telling an adult to behave when they have no consequences if they don't.

Yes, actually they do own the property that they left outside of my house. And I legally can't touch it.

And in the eyes of the law a tenant has full rights of a homeowner the minute they pay to live there. I also pay to own it. But I don't pay a landlord, I pay a bank.

So lets make the banks responsible too. What a foolish comment you make that people should be held accountable for others actions.

Unknown on November 9, 2012 at 7:32 PM said...

Anonymous indeed who but a butt///you are right Dallas and this is just one of the many abuses of power by our local governments..


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