Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breaking News!!! Armed Robberies In SE Roanoke

Please make sure that you tell your tenants in SE Roanoke to not open the door to anyone that they do not know as their are robbers at large.

My tenants in the 10th block of Bullitt Ave in SE Roanoke were held by gunpoint by two black males and one white male who demanded their money or they would shoot them and kill their children that were being laid on top of by her sister to attempt to stop the bullet.

My tenant made the mistake of answering the door at 3am. Her sister told them to go away because she didn't know them after looking out the peep hole and then my tenant cracked it to talk to them and they kicked the door in the rest of the way and introduced a reign of terror to these poor girls and their children that will never be forgotten.

The criminals got someone else down the street as well. 

Tell your tenants to keep the lights on all night long, make sure you have peep holes in their doors and deadbolts to keep it securely locked and instruct them to not answer the door for people they don't know.

SE Roanoke is a war-zone right now. A rash of auto break ins, blocks of car windows getting smashed and many criminals on the run. Do what you can to help keep your tenants safe.


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