Monday, June 11, 2012

Age And Sex Laws For Children In Your Rentals

So here's some info on age and sex laws for children in your property. Information obtained by Karl Kleinhenz who is head of Fair Housing for Roanoke City and DSS.

There are no United States laws that dictate an age that siblings of any sex can share a room. Parents can make reasonable decisions as to who can share what room in their household.

Child protection agencies can make judgements about children sharing rooms on a case by case situation. In some cases they require separation based on sex when the oldest child hits puberty, sometimes they require children over the age of 5 to be separated by sex.

Foster care children can have different regulations as they are wards of the State. The state may require that they are separated by sex or other things.

Landlords and public housing may have rules for tenants of how many bedrooms are required per number of people in the family. The rule is generally 2 people per bedroom per the hud occupancy standards. But this is not set in stone. The landlord may also require that children be separated by sex. The government does not require this. And you are not in violation of the fair housing laws if you have these rules as long as your rules pertain to everyone.

With exception of rules placed by child protective services or the government in the case of foster care, in general it is left to the landlord or parent. Code enforcement can not regulate this as there is nothing for them to regulate.

As far as how many people per bedroom goes the law dictates that HUD may not make judgement on this. It is left to the landlords and sensibility. The general rule of thumb is 70 square feet of space per person in a bedroom. But this also is left to interpretation.


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