Thursday, May 3, 2012

Criminal Background Checks on Tenants Are Critical

1.) Prostitute Burns Landlords House Down And Kills Herself

Helen Muriel Greene doused herself and a man named James Smith in gasoline and lit the two of them on fire in their landlords house on the 200 Block of Patton. Helen burned to death and James suffered burns on 65% of his body. If this is the same guy, James Arthur Smith has a history of possessing crack cocaine. Helen has a long history of drug, prostitution and intoxication in public charges in Roanoke City.

Now the landlords house is severely burned. Possibly beyond repair. See the video below.

If you haven't been doing FREE criminal background checks on your tenants you may start to think about doing so.

2.) Stoners Leave A Candle Lit While Going To The Store And Burn Landlords House:

Today in the 500 block of Day landlords house was burned with an expected 20,000 worth of damage because a couple pot heads left to go to the store while they had candles lit in a quad. These stoners risked everyone in the apartments lives. So how do I know they were stoners? The police came there and arrested them for some sort of marijuana manufacturing that they were involved with once the firemen saw their grow room when putting out the fire.

NOW what do you think about renting to druggies, prostitutes and people with criminal backgrounds such as this? Criminal background checks are imperative. They are FREE so you have no excuse otherwise.


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