Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endless Pool Of Wealth (From You) To Tap Into

Times are tough for everyone right now. As the unemployment rate drops across the country Roanoke City still faces a 7.8% unemployment rate. These figures are actually skewed because they represent those who are currently on unemployment and don't account for those who it ran out for, those who could not get it, those who did not apply for it because they had too much pride or those who are under-employed.

Businesses owners in Roanoke City are still concerned with the future. When times are tough and your company took a hit during the recession it's hard to justify hiring more people or giving pay increases to your currant employees when you don't even know if you're going to be able to pay yourself what you have in the past.

Roanoke City's General Fund that they could tap into last year was 250.6 million dollars. that is what they collected from you and I last year. This year they plan to collect 251.5 million, however they would like to spend 252,866,663 million because the city is interested in giving a 3 percent pay raise for every city employee.

Roanoke City also now has another code enforcement agent on staff. We were told last year that at 19 they were now finally fully staffed. Well now they bumped it up to 20. 25 years ago Roanoke City had a full staff of 4 code enforcers. And the population size 25 years ago was significantly larger than it is today. Those were 4 hard working people and I've got respect for them as it takes 20 today to do the work of 4 then.

So a question for you to ponder. On all levels of government, local, state and federal, can the hard working tax payer continue to shoulder the burden of the ever increasing size of government? Is there a point in time where we have to say enough is enough, you will have no more of our money!

I don't know what they are thinking but it seems that they all feel there is endless pool of wealth that they can tap into whenever they wish. I just don't see it out there. Anyone who does, please let me know where it is so maybe I can figure out a way to tap into it.....


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