Friday, April 27, 2012

A Hard Day Of Drinking Leads To Attempted Murder

So I decided to start doing some low income landlord reports from time to time. Maybe you will find them interesting. You now will have the ability to live vicariously through the eyes of an affordable housing specialist. Sometimes living vicariously can be better than actually being involved with it.

I purchased 13 units over in the Campbell and Chapman area of Roanoke City. Closed on them yesterday. So this afternoon I decided to go around and meet all 13 new tenants, give them my contact information and their new maintenance contact info and hopefully put a smile on everyone's face. I feel it is important to get started out on the right foot and make all of my residents happy.

I met a bunch of great people. Most of which I hope will stay. Good hard working people that are just trying to make a living.

So on to the next house and I pulled up to one on Chapman that was surrounded by the police. Detectives, forensics and lots of crime scene tape. This one is a triplex and all my new tenants were on the porch of the house next door that I also purchased which is a quad. The police cleared the entire house while they were investigating.

I was told that the girl tenant of mine in the triplex was drinking all day with a couple boyfriends. One of the boyfriends who was drunk and talking to the police said that he was in there and things were getting crazy so he left because he didn't want any part of it. He said some white girl came into the house screaming and that's when he went outside.

The tenants who were moved out of the house and were next door said that they heard a loud thud on the floor and they found that the female tenant pushed this guy down the stairs trying to murder him. Apparently he was pushed so hard that they did not hear bouncing down the staircase but rather one big hit on the bottom of the staircase.

The guy was found laying at the bottom of the stairs "looking like a pretzel".  They tried to wake him up but he wouldn't come to. Eventually he did. His jaw was broke and quite possibly his neck. They took him out on a stretcher to the emergency room and took the tenant to jail.

Poor guy. I sure wouldn't want to have a girlfriend like that.

So now I'm going to have to deal with this. I will not have people like that living in any house I own. Too much drama for me and quite possibly a safety issue for my surrounding tenants who all seem to be a great bunch of people.

So she's getting a 5 day notice to pay or quit promptly on the 1st of May and a 30 day notice to vacate along with that. I'm going to see if there is something I can do to speed this whole process up. The landlord tenant act says that if a tenant is a threat to the health or safety of the neighborhood, I have the right to some sort of quick hearing. I will have to see what I can do here because I haven't been down this road yet.


The following morning I got a call from 911. They told me that I need to hurry back down to that house because there is another problem. I got there and the place was full of cops again. They needed my permission to dust for fingerprints. It appears that one of the neighbors that knew that the girl is in jail climbed up on the back roof and broke a window. The police told me that this person or people stole her TV and walked out the front door. Unfortunately I don't have keys yet from the people I purchased it from so I had to have my contractor put a new lock on the front door and screw a board to the window so they couldn't get back in. What a pain in the you know what this apartment has been.

While I was there I also threw out this scrap piece of carpet that was at the bottom of the stairs that they guy bled out on. It was still wet and completely soaked with blood. Some of it congealed and looked a little like red jelly. Very nasty. I was told the guy is going to live.The officer said the only reason he made it is because he was drunk. Like those people who are drinking and driving where everyone dies but them. Being very flexible and loose saved his life.

I was also told by one of the residents there that when that girl came out in cuffs on Friday she was yelling "they going to lie on me". I get the impression that she was trying to act like the guy just fell down the stairs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Landlord’s Liability for Dangerous Conditions on Rentals


Landlords are liable for dangerous conditions on the property they own if they knew or should have known about the danger. For example, if the concrete blocks in the sidewalk leading up to an apartment building are uneven and the landlord has visited the building and had the opportunity to see the sidewalk or if the tenants have complained, the landlord knows or should know of the problem and must fix it. If he or she doesn’t and an elderly guest of a tenant trips and breaks a hip, the landlord will be liable. It is always a good idea for tenants to inform the landlord in writing of any possibly dangerous conditions either in the rented unit or in the common areas of a number of rentals, and to keep copies of those letters. Landlords should make repairs as quickly as possible.

The dangerous conditions don’t have to be physical problems with the building. They can include other things, like vicious dogs or dangerous activities of tenants. If the landlord has seen a dangerous dog or been told about the problem and doesn’t take action to evict the tenant or force the tenant to get rid of or control the dog, the landlord could be held liable if the dog injures or kills someone. If the landlord knows a tenant is using a blowtorch to do body work on a car in the common driveway, he or she could be liable for any injury the tenant causes if the landlord has not taken all possible action to stop the tenant.

To be held liable for injuries or damage the landlord has to have been negligent in some way. For example, if there’s a snowstorm followed by a thaw and a freeze, so that the sidewalks are covered with ice, the landlord won’t be responsible if a tenant slips and falls. The landlord can’t control the weather. If the tenant’s child runs the hose during a freeze to make a skating rink and mom falls and breaks a leg, that isn’t the landlord’s fault. On the other hand, if there is some problem with the slope of a sidewalk that makes it dangerous in normal winter weather for the area, the landlord will be liable if he or she doesn’t repair the problem and someone is injured. In the case of the mean dog, if the landlord has given the tenant the notice to get rid of the dog that is required by the relevant state law and the dog bites someone before the notice period is up, the landlord probably won’t be liable. He or she will have done everything possible under the law.

A landlord may be held liable for dangers he or she has no actual knowledge of. For example, if the wiring of a house is very old and the owner doesn’t have it checked, he or she might be held liable to someone who is injured by a shock or a fire. If the owner doesn’t have a chimney cleaned for many years and the tenant is damaged or injured by a flue fire, the landlord will probably be liable, even if he or she didn’t actually know the chimney was clogged. A reasonable person would check old wiring and clean a chimney.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endless Pool Of Wealth (From You) To Tap Into

Times are tough for everyone right now. As the unemployment rate drops across the country Roanoke City still faces a 7.8% unemployment rate. These figures are actually skewed because they represent those who are currently on unemployment and don't account for those who it ran out for, those who could not get it, those who did not apply for it because they had too much pride or those who are under-employed.

Businesses owners in Roanoke City are still concerned with the future. When times are tough and your company took a hit during the recession it's hard to justify hiring more people or giving pay increases to your currant employees when you don't even know if you're going to be able to pay yourself what you have in the past.

Roanoke City's General Fund that they could tap into last year was 250.6 million dollars. that is what they collected from you and I last year. This year they plan to collect 251.5 million, however they would like to spend 252,866,663 million because the city is interested in giving a 3 percent pay raise for every city employee.

Roanoke City also now has another code enforcement agent on staff. We were told last year that at 19 they were now finally fully staffed. Well now they bumped it up to 20. 25 years ago Roanoke City had a full staff of 4 code enforcers. And the population size 25 years ago was significantly larger than it is today. Those were 4 hard working people and I've got respect for them as it takes 20 today to do the work of 4 then.

So a question for you to ponder. On all levels of government, local, state and federal, can the hard working tax payer continue to shoulder the burden of the ever increasing size of government? Is there a point in time where we have to say enough is enough, you will have no more of our money!

I don't know what they are thinking but it seems that they all feel there is endless pool of wealth that they can tap into whenever they wish. I just don't see it out there. Anyone who does, please let me know where it is so maybe I can figure out a way to tap into it.....


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