Friday, March 2, 2012

Virginia Woman’s Padded Insurance Claim Loses Its Fluff

RICHMOND, VA. -- A Virginia woman’s decision to inflate, or pad, as it’s known in the 
insurance industry, a burglary claim resulted in her receiving a felony conviction for
insurance fraud. 

Kedra Lynette Speller, of Portsmouth, Va., made a claim to Traveler’s Insurance in 
which she alleged a flat screen television and a laptop computer were stolen from her 
residence. The Virginia State Police investigation revealed she never owned these 
items.  Speller had instead borrowed receipts from her sister and included them in her 
itemized listing of her burglary claim. Insurance Fraud Special Agent Russell L. Eley III
executed a search warrant in Chesapeake that revealed the items were still in her 
sister’s house. 

“While hard economic conditions may tempt individuals to pad their claims for short term 
gain,” Eley warned, “felony convictions carry long term consequences.” On Oct. 18, 
Speller was sentenced in Portsmouth Circuit Court to two years in the state penitentiary, 
all suspended upon her successful completion of one year of supervised probation.

If you have knowledge of a fraudulent insurance scheme or suspect you may have been 
the victim of insurance fraud, report the activity to the Virginia State Police Insurance 
Fraud Program on the insurance fraud hotline at 1-877-62FRAUD (1-877-623-7283)


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