Friday, March 2, 2012

Virginia Woman No Lucky Duck with Insurance Fraud Scheme

RICHMOND, VA. -- A Skippers woman, who allegedly scammed more than $120,000 
from Aflac, was not a lucky duck when she was arrested for insurance fraud. Christina 
Dickens was arrested on September 28th, 2011, by Virginia State Police Insurance 
Fraud special agents for committing multiple counts of fraud and forgery. 

Dickens was charged with 41 counts of Obtaining Money by False Pretense and 21 
counts of forging the signatures of two different physicians. In her insurance claims, the 
woman falsely represented that both she and her husband received cancer treatments.
Dickens received more $120,000 over a period spanning a year-and-a-half.
“While many of the recent insurance commercials being run on television are humorous,
insurance fraud is no laughing matter,” commented Special Agent J.S. Pruitt. “We all 
pay for insurance fraud with higher premiums and increased costs of goods and 

If you have knowledge of a fraudulent insurance scheme or suspect you may have been 
the victim of insurance fraud, report the activity to the Virginia State Police Insurance 
Fraud Program on the insurance fraud hotline at 1-877-62FRAUD (1-877-623-7283)


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