Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Small Business Challenge to Obamacare Goes to Supreme Court

Targeted News Service
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 -- The National Federation of Independent Business issued the following news release:

After many months of lower court battles, President Obama's new health reform law is going to be heard in the spring by the Supreme Court.

Washington, D.C. can be a noisy place. Politicians argue. Protestors shout.

Usually, the quietest place in town is the Supreme Court. But soon, the voice of millions of small businesses will be heard there, loud and clear.

This spring, the high court is going to hear the National Federation of Independent Business's legal challenge to President Obama's radical health-care law.

We believe the law is un-constitutional because it forces every American to purchase something that they may not want or need: health insurance.

Adding insult to injury, the law will not bring better or more affordable health care for small businesses, their employees or most Americans.

Already, small businesses are seeing huge increases in health premiums and many insurers are cancelling their existing medical plans.

This terrible law must be stopped before further damage is done to the economy and to our freedom. The court should strike it down 

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