Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roanoke City Tax Office Tried To Rob Me And Got Caught!!!

Open Letter to City Manager Chris Morrill for HELP!!!

Dear Mr. Morrill,

I would like to inform you of fraudulent activity happening within Roanoke Cities Real Estate Tax Collection office and would greatly appreciate it if you could resolve this matter and put some "No Tolerance Policies" in place.

Two weeks ago I was informed by an employee of Roland "Spanky" Macher that they were getting sent delinquent tax payment notices for properties that I own at address 832 Patterson Avenue. So I immediately contacted the tax payment office to find out what is going on and how it is even possible for them  to change the tax payment address of a property I own and send the bills to another individual without my approval. The response was that they did not know how it happened but they would change it and not charge a late payment for this bill.

A couple days later I got a voicemail that they changed it but I have a couple more properties that were delinquent and they would not remove the late fee for these properties. Well, let me tell you, I always pay ALL of my bills and I never have a problem getting mail at my address for payment. So at further investigation I found that they did in-fact send all 3 tax bills to Roland Macher's address and went on the GIS and changed the tax address of all 3 to my address while trying to pull the wool over my eyes and pretend that the other 2 adjoining lots were always being sent to my address while refusing to remove the late fees.  To clarify, they changed all 3 addresses back to my tax address and then pretended to act as if they only sent one incorrectly and the other two went to the correct address in an attempt to obtain late fees on the other 2.

This is a criminal act. I am not going to call the police on this particular Roanoke City employee because I feel that this is something that can be handled internally. This type of fraudulent behavior is absolutely unacceptable and not something that you would expect from a government employee. I don't know what her problem is but I never did anything to her and was polite with her on the phone.

Please resolve this issue. Attached are scanned images of the actual addresses that these bills were mailed to including the two lots that I was told were sent to me. You will see on all 3, the address that they were mailed to was 1925 Salem Ave which is an address owned by Roland Macher, not myself.  I checked with my lawyer and when I purchased the property a couple years ago the closing documents were filed correctly with my address on them so they were changed without my knowledge or approval sometime since then.

- I have proof that my closing documents were filed with the correct address and my tax payment address was changed without my approval.

- I have proof that all 3 tax bills were sent to Roland Macher and not myself and this city employee attempted to fraudulently change the other two addresses and pretend that the bill was sent to me in order to charge me late fees and interest.

- I have spent hours obtaining this evidence and my time is worth money that I know I won't get so please develop a policy that this sort of fraudulent activity will not be accepted under any circumstances so no one else is vicitimized by this woman.

Best regards,


UPDATE: Chris Morrill is having this matter investigated by the internal auditor who he says will do a thorough review. Hopefully they contact me for evidence. This lady needs to be exposed for doing this to citizens of this city. She apparently thought that no one would catch her. Not a high likelihood of this happening and the person that it happens to being able to get the actual bills that were sent to someone else. She may have thought she would get away with this but it just didn't turn out that way this time. This criminal activity needs immediate attention. 

UPDATE 2: Evelyn Powers contacted me and she doesn't know what happened or how it got changed to Spanky Machers address but she was incredibly nice and was immediately on top of this issue.  I won't be paying any fines or late fees and I am glad that they resolved this issue.


roanokebill on December 13, 2011 at 9:58 AM said...

Wish the water dept could be investigated too. I received a delinquent payment notice that clearly stated that needed to be paid by June 3. It was, BUT the water was turned off May 31, costing me turn-off and turn-on fees, a deposit, and cash payments only for a year. I talked to three levels of management to no avail.

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