Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virginia Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

The Virginia Energy Efficiency Rebate program works very similar to the program the Federal Government had that recently expired. Money is taken from the tax payers and turned around and given to people who are making their homes energy efficient. 

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About 5 million will be available on this round. You will be eligible to reserve funds for rebates for 20% of the costs of qualifying energy conserving things you do to your home. Rebates will be calculated at 20% of the documented cost of the following eligible project items up to $595 per residential property address.

1. Oil furnace (lets get off our oil dependence by installing oil furnaces???)
2. Gas, propane or oil hot water boiler
3. Insulation and air sealing
4. Replacement windows and exterior doors
5. Storm doors

An energy audit will be rebated for the cost of the audit, up to $250.

The costs can include labor costs if a contractor installs the item but not your labor if you do it yourself. You can get a maximum rebate of $595 so you can spend up to $2,975 on your project to get the maximum rebate.

If you put in a Geothermal Heat Pump you can get a rebate for 20% of the cost up to $2,000. So you can spend up to $10,000 on the project to get your maximum rebate. There is also an appliance rebate program.


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